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The review was last updated in: January 2022

Bitcoin Leverage - Meet the New and Perspective Crypto Channel [Review 2022]

bitcoin leverage audit safetrading

Bitcoin Leverage is the young cryptocurrency trading Telegram channel with a very experienced admin who is the main trader as well.
Now we have a lot of new channels - almost every day we receive messages from people who started their own on and what to be listed.
And, you know, according to my experience, 10% of them are really prospective.
And here I talk not about high profit or fast success but about efforts. Efforts that admins and traders make to help users understand the market better.
And this channel is like this. Today in this Bitcoin Leverage review we will talk about this emerging channel, it’s features, pros, and cons.
Let’s go!

What is Bitcoin Leverage?

As I told you before, this is the channel that started its activity at the beginning of 2020.
But the trader behind it is not a novice at all!
He has been trading crypto since 2016, so almost four years.
The main feature of this channel goes without saying - margin trading. And leverages are not so small, I should say!
The main cryptocurrency pair in Eden’s trading is BTCUSDT but he is going to post some altcoin signals, don’t worry.
Eden’s trades are risky but still if you calculate everything, you will not lose more than $50. It is his rule.
He calculates all the targets, stop-losses, and trades with them. That is why, if the stop-loss is set and you calculate the maximum loss you are able to get through, everything will be good.
That is why the channel of Eden is really unusual. I mean, it was in the beginning.
bitcoin leverage telegram

But now he is trying to form one call. I think it is more convenient for newcomers.

Types of Calls 

Eden even has different types of calls. You know, it is something like I tell you every time that there are short-term, mid-term, and long-term calls. Here is the same, he has patient calls, risky calls, short-term calls, and high-risk calls. Let’s talk about each of them.
When Eden gives the patient call, he can wait till the coin reaches targets the whole day or he can miss it completely. As I told you before, with the help of his calculations the losses (if there is any) are minimal.
Risky calls, they are going to bring profit faster than patient calls. And Eden says that he is good at risky calls.
Short-term calls, okay, you know about them - they can bring profit in 1-2 hours.
High-risk calls you need to hold longer and leverage are not for children there - up to x125. No jokes!

The Best Crypto Signals During the Period of Review

As I told you before, the main crypto pair in this channel is BTCUSDT. We review this channel for April 2020 and the total profit for one month is around 60%.

The biggest profit was made at 27.04.2020 and it was 74,19%.
bitcoin leverage best crypto signals

According to our review, there were no calls that brought any loss.


I think it is the best part of the audit for our users.
So, what is good in this channel?
I like that it is special. Eden is really like a friend, he will help you with every question you have. By the way, the channel has a chat for users so you will not be bored.
I like that he is not only friendly but serious as well. Here you see that the person really understands who he does.
And soon you will be able to trade with the bot!
P.S. Cornix is near!
One more thing I like that the admin doesn’t hide his losses. If he loses, he will write about it.
And it is okay! It is a cryptocurrency - you can’t be successful all the time.


I don’t see huge disadvantages now.
The first thought that came to my mind was a lot of messages in the VIP channel (you see the screenshot).
But now this problem is solved and you can see all the information in one single message.

Final Thoughts

Today we discussed the new channel - BitcoinLeverage.
And this is an example that new is not always meant to be inexperienced!
Eden offers good crypto services at affordable prices.
If you are a newcomer, don’t be afraid. Eden has some channels where he educated people on how to trade.
I hope this review was useful to you. If you still have some questions to ask, feel free to contact the admin.
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 2020-05-08 18:38:40


 2020-05-08 18:38:40
Excellent signals from the group. Just done over a month now i can say i profitted 95% of the trades. Had constant communication and learning material from the group as well... overall i am well satisfied.Add answer


 2020-05-06 21:52:14


 2020-05-06 21:52:14
well I highly recommend him,he is acurate on his calls nd gem of a guy...see his calls nd u would know on ur own what he does...i guess tht says it allAdd answer
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