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Asian Whales VIP Channel Audit

Audit for 20/10/2018


Important Update: The Safetrading team recently received information that makes us believe that Asian Whales is a scam channel. Previously, the channel had credibility and brought positive trading results to its subscribers. After examining the trading results of the signals of this channel over January and February, as well as March and April, we saw that the channel brought real profit to its users. It’s only fair to mention that the channel representatives would get in touch with us gladly at the time we published their positive results.

Unfortunately, things have changed for the worse since May 2018. As of now, we have been trying to get in touch with the channel reps for quite a while without any success. The reports over May and June showed almost no results.

We will keep an eye on this channel and try to get in touch with its representatives. We’ll keep you posted about the results.


Asian Whales VIP Channel Crypto Signals Group Description


Asian Whales Telegram group is a channel that provides long-term signals. This channel’s recommendations are based on technical and fundamental analysis, as well as on the extensive experience of the administrators. The team analyzes market news and coin development, white papers, supply and demand, charts, and whale movements.

The Asian Whales Telegram team boasts of advanced chartists who have analyzed the markets for multiple years and a few developers who have in-depth knowledge of C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, and Solidity. They are currently working on the development of numerous altcoin projects in various Slack channels. Though these developers keep specific information related to coin development confidential, they still share some private information you cannot get outside of the channel. For this reason, Asian Whales is the first to get the latest news about altcoins. Thus, they can provide their subscribers with profit-generating ideas sooner than their competitors.

This channel has sources in Japan, China, and Korea, and the news it brings usually influences the prices of altcoins significantly. The developers of Asian Whales created a script that analyzes all the coins that are listed on Bittrex. Asian Whales crypto group communicates with the owners of the most significant channels continuously, and thus know how to choose coins well. This channel provides subscribers with timely updates about the status of the coin and educates their audience regarding methods of obtaining profit with minimal risks. It is far better than using an overpriced bot. If you decide to join Asian Whales, you can either become a free member or purchase a lifetime subscription. Asian Whales says that their primary channel will always be free and that the administrators will always provide their audience with the most relevant, trustworthy market news and profit-generating trade ideas. As for the VIP paid members, they get access to a private channel and receive ratings of coins that are most likely to be pumped, as well as investment recommendations. Asian Whales signals on Telegram receive tons of positive feedback from the satisfied subscribers. We published Asian Whales review based on our independent audit and we can recommend this channel to you. When it comes to crypto, Asian Whales are the guys who know the drill.

Free signals channel: @asianwhales



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