Free and Paid Telegram Pump and Dump Groups:

Crypto pump and dump groups on Telegram are not all scam. The major alerts you should be aware of is the absence of chat and feedback from other users. With Safetrading, you will be able to monitor Telegram crypto pump groups. We will help you choose a reliable crypto pump and dump group that will provide you with the best signals for Bitcoin, Ethrerum, and altcoin. Whether you are trading on Binance, Hitbtc or Bittrex, our largest verified providers of crypto pump signals on Telegram can help you take your trading efforts to the next level.

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    Facts to know about pump and dump

    • More than a hundred of altcoins made it from the rags to the riches and back due to pump and dump.
    • There are stories of people both making a fortune in P&D as well as losing it.
    • This form of market manipualtion has a controversial reputation but, in any case, it sure gives you an opportunity to increase your altcoin portfolio rapidly if you choose your coins wisely and manage your portfolio well.

    Scam in Pump and Dump

    Take a look at Telegram pump and dump groups. Since the crypto market is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world, so no wonder that it attracts all kinds of fraudsters and scammers.

    Quite often, many Telegram pump and dump cryptocurrency groups look quite reliable, but the number of providers you can trust is extremely limited. Scam groups usually have a lot of subscribers, publish signals and updates on a regular basis, and offer additional services to premium users (like crypto calls).

    There are famous providers who have been considered legit for a long while, and whose scam scenes are flawlessly fantastic. What is the worst thing about such Telegram pump groups is that a trader usually realizes that something is wrong way too late.

    Free is a Catch

    The best Bitcoin advice cannot be free for no reason, but subscribing to the first premium provider who looks like a top expert will most likely result in your losing a massive part of your portfolio. Most of the pump and dump cryptocurrency groups have only one purpose - to drain your coin portfolio.

    Find Honest Providers Here

    Wonder how to find the honest Telegram channels you can trust in 2018? Follow Safetrading updates on a regular basis to always get the latest info on the best crypto pump groups on Telegram and to be the first to get the big pump signals.

    We list the biggest providers of signals for BTC and other coins and publish our independent audits for every provider. Safethading team is always excited to chat with you about your experience with our platform and the crypto signal providers. If you have any trouble understanding how to use our reports and audits, contact us to get help.