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Profitable Forex Trading Signals - 2023
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Forex signals are forecasts of a professional trade or program about buying or selling a certain currency pair at a time, price, leverage that were set up. To do this, you need to have an account on platforms that act like Forex brokers.
Forex, the abridged version of Foreign Exchange, is nothing but a currency exchange where you can buy or sell currencies. The Forex market is, first of all, an international currency market – the biggest and the most active financial platform in the world.
You are interested in another side of Forex - the best and regular profit. According to the Safetrading data, more and more users that did cryptocurrency trading are interested in Forex trading. Mostly, they prefer it to be not so volatile (which is doubtful), and more, you know, time-honored.
To our mind, Forex trading requires more experience. Besides, you need to check the world news regularly, because some of them are about to influence your trading.
Did you know that many Forex traders are simply intimidated?
Yes, they are, and there are a number of reasons for this. Without going into details, the biggest reason is the lack of experience.
A person came, made an account with a Forex broker, blindly opened a deal, lost money. As a result, he thinks that this is all cheating and it is impossible to make money here.
The golden rule of any online trading:
The best profit comes with experience - in case you are a newcomer, find an experienced trader who is ready to help you.
Yes, this rule belongs to Safetrading, ha-ha.
We just want you to understand that everything is possible.
In this article, we will talk about the main features of Forex, and then we will tell you all the important information about the best Forex signals and Telegram groups.
Shall we start?

Forex Participants

First things first - all of the participants are called traders. A Forex trader is a person who trades, buys, or sells currency on Forex.
Participants of the Forex market are the biggest banks and central banks of various countries, investment and pension funds, big companies, and private investors.
participants of forex trading

However, this is also a market, where instead of buying or selling real currency, a Forex trader makes bets on rising or falling of the exchange rates.
The whole point is that a person is trying to predict what will happen to the exchange rate of one currency against another, and makes a deal with the Forex dealer. If his prognosis comes true, he earns – the dealer pays him. If not, the dealer debits a certain amount from his account.

Do I Need a Lot of Money to Start Trading?

To start trading there is no need to have lots of money or certain equipment!
You just need to have Internet access and a trading terminal - a special program on the computer. At the moment you can even find mobile applications for accessing the market.
However, this doesn’t mean that earning on Forex is easy!
Actually, the risks are sky-high.
You may wonder:
Will I get profit from the $100 investment?
If you think this question has no sense, I will tell you we receive them quite often.
So, $100 is okay if you want to play. You know - you are bored, want to feel adrenaline in your blood. That’s it. Don’t think about entering Forex if you do not have money to invest. We are not talking about $10,000 or more, but you need to have at least $1,000 to invest.
You need to invest money you are ready to lose.
This is one of the main trading rules.
But before we start familiarizing ourselves with the best paid Forex signals 2023 and sessions, let us discuss the basic concepts you will face when encountering the market.
Even experienced traders won’t do without theoretical information, so we don’t recommend skipping those sections.

Bid & Ask - Forex Main Terms

Do you remember how moneychangers always set the difference between the purchase and sale price to make profits?
The same approach is used today.
That is why the daily fx market has two prices – bid - the purchase price of a currency from a trader, and ask - currency sale price to the trader.
bid, spread and ask definition

The distance between the bid and ask prices is called the spread. It is the spread that makes the profit of the dealing center.

Pip - Forex Main Terms

Pip is another important term in Fx live trading.
It defines the smallest value of the currency movement that can be measured.
what is pip

For example, if the USD value increases by a pip it means that it has increased by $0,0001.

Margin Trading

Dealing centers are not charitable institutions that is why when a forex trader completes a deal, they take a guarantee by freezing a part of the funds on a deposit.
This guarantee is called a margin.
When a trader is conducting a transaction, he receives a larger amount than he actually invests, i.e. a person gets a sort of a loan.
That is how financial markets work.
The ratio between the margin and the received amount is called leverage.
Some dealing centers provide an opportunity of trading with big leverages.
Unfortunately, when accepting such terms, beginners think only about big profits from positive deals forgetting that during the negative transaction losses increase in the same proportion.
As a rule, this leads to a fast loss of the deposit…
loss of deposit in forex

If you are not sure whether you can cope with trading on your own, we recommend paying attention to Forex signals.
Often they are free to use and turning to professional best paid Forex signals review may greatly help you to save money and nerves.

Margin Call

The dealing center attentively follows margin call trader activity. It doesn’t want to sue the trader if his losses are higher than the available deposit. The mechanism of controlling the current trader’s losses is rather simple:
how to control losses

Thus, a margin call is a financial security demand for the current margin.
Sounds too boring or complicated?
We agree, but it is impossible to understand the basics of trading and to become an expert without familiarizing with them.
The only simpler way is to follow free Forex signals Telegram groups and to obtain processed and already analyzed information from experts.
However, there are many Forex signals providers, so be attentive when choosing one.

Currency Pair

If you look at forex trading signals or on the exchange rate of the platform, you’ll see that it always consists of two currencies.
Forex brokers call it a currency pair, one of which is the base currency and another one – the quoted.
what is cryptocurrency pair in forex

Forex Market Features

Forex prices are formed based on the agreement of bidders depending on supply and demand for a particular currency.
This international platform possesses a variety of features but we will name only a few of them:


The initial goal of creating the market is currency exchange.
Market relationships allow conducting the exchange at a favorable course that is suitable for all the participants.
Subsequently, Forex live traders started using this platform for making profits. Central banks of different countries make Forex financial interventions aiming to stabilize exchange rates of their national monetary units.

You Can Trade Anywhere

Do you know why we like this market so much?
You can receive the best paid Forex signals 2023 and trade on the platform not depending on where you are!
Amazing, right?
Just make sure that your internet connection is good.

Diversity of Participants

Here you can meet majorities (central banks, big commercial and investment organizations), different trading enterprises, and of course individual players.
Don’t worry, you won’t be the only forex trader out there.
However, everything becomes more challenging for smaller players, so we highly recommend using the best paid Forex signals Telegram groups as an additional source of information.


There is a huge amount of money constantly in circulation on the Forex market. Thanks to such a large amount of money, any market participant has the opportunity to constantly close and open positions of almost unlimited volume at current quotes.


All fluctuations in the value of currencies have a noticeable direction. In a certain period of time, these fluctuations can be predicted. All currencies have their own characteristics - characteristic only for them. Thanks to this, investors get many opportunities to make money on the market.


There is no insider information in the Forex market. All data on changes in exchange rates, economic and political news are available in real-time to all market participants. And you get the news at the same time as George Soros.
Although it should be noted that there is still some difference between you and Soros - his actions on the market are already news, which may lead to some influence on exchange rates.

Trading Sessions - When Is It Better to Trade on Forex?

To become a successful Forex trader you need to keep in mind a plethora of things – how to trade or when to refrain from concluding a deal.
You should also learn how to obtain the best paid Forex signals 2023 and to benefit from them.
But apart from receiving signals and learning all the definitions by heart, you should know the opening and closing time of the stock market, Forex working hours, and on what days or even months it is the best time to trade.
So when does the Forex operate?
It is open 24 hours a day five days a week.
We have made a brief overview of four different markets to help you maximize profits (keep in mind that the hours are indicated in Eastern Standard Time).

New York (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

It occupies the second place in the world among Forex platforms and is attentively followed by investors because the USD is involved in over 90% of all the transactions based on the Day Trading the Currency Markets by Kathy Lien published in 2005.
NYSE or New York Stock Exchange immediately influences the dollar, which may lose or gain value in a matter of seconds when enterprises buy each other or merge.

Tokyo (7 p.m. - 4 a.m.)

It is the first trading center that was established in Asia and holds the biggest share of the Asian trading ahead of Singapore and Hong Kong.
The most popular currency pairs include USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, and GBP/CHF. It is especially great to follow USD/JPY when Tokyo is the only operating market because the Bank of Japan has a huge impact on the market.

Sydney (5 p.m. - 2 a.m.)

The trading day usually starts in Sydney.
Even though it is the smallest among the four markets, a lot of things happen here when they open on Sunday afternoon, and financial institutions together with traders regroup after a break since Friday afternoon.

London (3 a.m. - noon)

The UK occupies leading positions on a global currency market, and London is the main reason why.
UK occupies leading positions on a global currency market

London greatly influences currency fluctuations.
This takes place because the Bank of England, which controls the GBP monetary policy and indicated interest rates, has headquarters in London.
By the way, Forex trends also originate from London.
Write this down and rank even higher than finding the best paid Forex signals Telegram group:
the best time for forex trading

This leads to higher price ranges and additional opportunities.

What Is The Best Time for Forex Trading In 2023?

Let us introduce you to the three daily overlaps:

US/London (8 a.m. - noon)

Over 70% of all trades take place when these two markets overlap because Euro and USD are the two most popular currencies.
Choose this timeframe because of the best volatility.

Sydney/Tokyo (2 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

This period is not so volatile but still gives traders a chance to make profits. Pay attention to the EUR/JPY pair.

London/Tokyo (3 a.m. - 4 a.m.)

This is the weakest period in terms of activity among all three pairs.
Traders from the US will be still sleeping and only an hour doesn’t give much space to wait till new trends and fluctuations take place.
It is great that nowadays Forex trading signals take all these overlaps into account, so you can choose the market and the pair knowing peculiarities of each of them.
However, choosing a reliable Forex signals provider takes time and you need to approach the task with maximum attention.


How Are Deals On The Forex Market Made?

Now, when you have the necessary theoretical knowledge and can distinguish pip from a bid, and distinguish good Forex trading signals providers from scammers, let us discuss how everything works on the Forex live market.
Before the trade, you choose two different currencies – a trading pair.
As you already know, one of them is the base one, and the other – quoted.
Your task is: to try and make a prognosis of how the rate of the quoted currency will change in relation to the base one.
If you are sure that the rate of quoted currency will increase it is necessary to open the ‘purchase’ deal. If you think that it will fall, open the ‘sale’ deal.
This is the main feature that signals concentrate on: you get a description of the latest fluctuations and advise whether it is favorable to open a trade.
Even though free forex trading signals differ from paid ones, they are also a good source of additional information.
In most cases, USD is chosen as the base currency, while the quoted one can be any other currency.
Let’s have a look at the example. You have chosen the EUR and USD, where USD is the base currency and EUR – the quoted one.
You expect the Euro to rise against the US dollar. At the moment Euro costs $1,115.
You open a ‘purchase’ deal of a $100 value.
In reality, the Euro doesn’t land in your bank account but is still reflected in the internal register of your transactions and on your program balance.
forex trading process explanation

But if the rate drops to $1,095, your losses will equal $ (1,115 – 1,015) x 100 = $10. This money the forex dealer will debit from your bank account. Keep in mind that the dealer also takes a fee for his services.
If these calculations sound too complex, we recommend choosing a reputable service with an opportunity to buy Forex signals because they often come with technical analysis and detailed explanations.

I Want to Trade Forex - What Should I Keep in Mind?

Every aspiring Forex trader faces multiple questions and worries.
Will I be able to make the right decision?
Can I find reliable trading signals?
Will I have enough funds?
Don’t worry!
Thousands of beginners feel the same way but with our basic set of rules, you will always remain on the safe side.
don't use large leverage while trading on forex

During the day the difference usually equals one hundredths of a percent, so if you are making deals solely on the amount of your deposit it won’t be easy to make a fortune.
That is why users usually trade Forex with leverage.
This means that a Forex dealer can give you a virtual equivalent of a loan. You won’t receive real money but the leverage will allow increasing the sum of the deal multiple times.
And you won’t have to limit yourself only with the money you have on the account.
limit your deposit trading forex

Remember that you can lose this money any time: it is impossible to make profits every time and losses are inevitable.
But Forex dealers won’t allow you to lose more than you have on the deposit – he will close the deal forcibly.
use stop loss trading forex

Forex programs usually allow limiting transaction losses.
Such an option is called stop-loss.
You should use this feature if you don’t want to lose your deposit at once. Stop-loss allows closing the deal automatically when the losses will reach the limit you have set.

Where to Start?

If you want to become a Forex trader follow our step-by-step guide:
read about forex trading

Luckily, there is plenty of data on the Internet on Forex and its background.
That is why we have focused our attention on the basis for future traders.
choose a reliable forex broker

Dealing with a professional broker means a difference between making profits from the trades and losing funds between the bid and ask prices.
Devote enough time to research and read feedback on several brokerage companies.
follow the world economy trading forex

To make money on trading currencies you need to predict how the world economy will behave.
To gain profit, you need to convert the base currency into a quote one when it’s set to increase in value and then convert the quote currency into the base one when the value reaches its peak.
To get a better understanding of which currencies should be purchased and which of them are worth your investment, it is important to analyze GDPs, trading positions, and even the political situation of the countries you are interested in.
Luckily, this data is often supplied together with Forex trading signals.
If it is your first trade we recommend opening a demo account.
By using virtual funds a beginner will be able to choose the most suitable trading assets, as well as to develop and test his trading strategy.
These skills can later be tested on a cent account. This is already real-money trading but with minimal risks. Later, when a certain experience is obtained, you can proceed with using a real dollar account.

The Best Paid Forex Telegram Signals in 2023

When you google “Forex signals”, you will see a lot of different websites promoting their services. Some of them use the brains of professional traders, and some - AI that analyzes the market looking for good entries.
What are we trying to tell you?
Not every trader knows that it is possible to receive Forex signals on Telegram. By the way, Safetrading has a couple of trusted channels to offer.
Shortly speaking, the Forex signal on Telegram should contain the following information:
  • currency pair;
  • entry price;
  • target price or several of them;
  • stop-loss;
  • risk percentage, etc.

You may think:
Why should I spend money on a subscription if I can open signals by myself?
The thing is that Forex predictions are very complex and they are not easy to be done. We can not force you to use the help of other traders, but you need to understand that it is better to pay $100 per month and be sure you receive good signals and you trade with a profit, then not to spend money on a subscription and lose all your capital soon.
Again, here it is very important to choose a reliable Forex trader. He should:
Be experienced in order to offer profitable signals, and to be able to consult you on trading questions;
  • Should answer regularly, because it is worthless to pay for the subscription and to be ignored after;
  • Should be able to offer proofs of his experience, so as results of his trades;
  • Should offer a trusted broker, so you can open an account for trading;
  • Should provide important world news and updates, so you can understand the general picture of current trading situation.

So, don’t be shy to ask all the possible questions before subscribing because legit traders know how important it is to be sure you have the right service.
What about scammers?
Are there many of them on the market?
Unfortunately, yes. And they are very dangerous because:
  • Subscription to the Forex channel is usually more expensive than to the cryptocurrency one, that is why you can lose a lot of money in case they will block you after you pay;
  • Because of leverages, you can lose all your capital very quickly if you trade with fake signals.

Forex Trading Tips for Beginners to Use In 2023

Of course, a lot will depend on the trader you work with, but not everything will depend on him. We have collected 10 tips for you that will definitely come in handy at the beginning of trading.
1. Choose a trading style that is compatible with your personality and goals.
There are four different trading styles: scalping, day trading, swing trading, and position trading.
Scalping is for people who do not like to wait - they want to open the trade with high leverage, then close it quickly.
Day trading is for people who like to hold the position no longer than 1 day. It is the most popular type of trading today.
Swing trading is for people who use fluctuation for high profits - this type of trading is for people who like to risk.
And the last one, position trading, is for people who like to invest long-term.
2. Keep records of all your deals.
You can use this information to customize your trading style and strategy to meet your performance goals.
You will easily be able to see your profits and losses from Forex and how to improve your decisions.
3. Control your emotions.
Trading can evoke strong emotions in people - and this is not surprising. When you are trying to make a living for yourself and when each trade can wipe out your entire trading account, it can be very stressful.
It may take some traders several failed accounts to figure this out, but the most successful Forex traders are those who manage their risk and keep their anxiety to a minimum.
This helps them keep their nerves and position themselves well to take the next step to bring them profit from Forex.
4. Always set a stop-loss.
The healthy anticipation of Forex profit must be tempered by the firm knowledge that you will not always be right.
For this reason, it is imperative that you always set a stop loss on all your trades as soon as you open them.
This will protect you from catastrophic losses in your account in case the market turns against you, even if you do not control your position.
5. Don’t be greedy.
Set a profit target for each trade and either exit the trade or set stops or trailing stops so that your trade works while limiting the risk.
6. Know your further steps.
Forex trading is a tricky craft that requires not only a clear Forex strategy but also mental discipline and focus.
People are simply connected in such a way that high productivity from day to day is sometimes simply not possible. Study yourself and learn to recognize when you have to sit all day.
Set a strict daily loss limit and when you hit it, walk away. There will always be the next trading day.
7. Use technical analysis at entry and exit times.
Even if fundamental analysis drives your trades, using technical analysis to find optimal entry and exit points can really make a difference.
By finding these dips and pullbacks to buy, you can gain an advantage that can keep your stops from hitting and you can take trades and use a Forex strategy that your risk-reward criteria would otherwise not allow.
8. Set a limit on your risk when you open a trade.
Many Forex experts who focus on risk management recommend risking no more than 2-5% of your total capital per trade - some even recommend less.
9. Start with one currency pair.
When you first start to strive for your goal of making a profit from Forex, do not try to find out everything there is to know about every currency pair available.
Start with one and stick to it.
10. Always remember about the news.
News events can move markets very quickly. Fast-paced markets and intense buying or selling pressure can lead to low liquidity and high spreads.
During these times, there can be massive movements of points in the Forex currency markets. These high spreads can eat up your Forex profits.

Final Thoughts: How To Trade On Forex Successfully in 2023 And Beyond?

Forex exchange is one of the most popular and definitely the biggest platform for trading currencies.
It engages four major centers in London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney, and allows thousands of hundreds of traders from all parts of the world to make profits simply by collecting and processing information from the financial and political world.
However, high volatility means risks and you need to approach trading with all the seriousness: don’t use large leverage, limit the deposit, and use a stop-loss not to lose a fortune.
We also recommend using Forex signals from reputable experts because they are always a great source of fresh and crispy information from the trading world.
Familiarize with Forex trading signals, deal only with reliable brokers, follow the news, and you will master Forex trading with ease.
Forex signals are reliable in case you do everything right and choose a good signals provider.
And Safetrading will always help you with that!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Get Rich Off Forex Signals?
    • Yes, Forex signals can help you get rich if you have enough knowledge and experience. Still, an average trader often faces many difficulties and sometimes huge losses. Therefore, it is better to use Forex signals as an alternative way to make money on the Forex market.

  • Are Forex Signals Legit?
    • The use of Forex signals is 100% legal. In essence, Forex signals are information that professional traders receive through technical, fundamental, or news analysis.

  • How Much Do Forex Traders Make a Day?
    • It all depends on the risk management strategy that you will use. For example, if you have about $1,000 in your account, then you shouldn't risk more than 1% on each trade. It is optimal to use no more than $10 for each transaction, and then your earnings can be about $20 per day.