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Free Forex signals are predictions made by professional Forex traders or Telegram Forex signal bot for entering a trade on a specific currency pair and at a certain time and price.
Forex or Foreign Exchange is a decentralized global market for trading currencies. It is the largest and most active international market in the world.
The Forex market is, let’s say, older than the crypto market. That is why, the number of people who trade there, as well as the number of people who are interested in it, are higher.
Unfortunately, not everyone is able to analyze this market properly. You need not only to understand and predict the future movements of charts but to check all the current news around the world, which can influence the trend. All these preparations require high experience and a lot of time.
What should beginners do to start trading on Forex?
The simplest and cheapest way is to subscribe to the Forex signals Telegram group.
  1. You will receive up-to-date signals with all the needed information to trade.
  2. You do not need to spend hours analyzing the whole market and plenty of currency pairs.
  3. You can always ask a question, and the professional trader will guide you.
  4. Usually, subscriptions are absolutely affordable.
In this article, we are going to tell you about the Forex market itself, Forex signals, and will give you some tips on how to choose the legit Forex signals Telegram group.

What Is Forex?

Forex for us, traders, is the market where players predict the growth or fall of the exchange rates. Considering the size of this market, it’s obvious why free forex signals software is so popular.
Every day a lot of people ask where to find free forex signals for beginners that would bring profits and not headaches.
We understand your worries and know how to distinguish reliable Forex groups on Telegram from scammers. And today you’ll find out the truth.
First things first, you should know that this trading market was organized by Forex dealers.
They offer people to take part in the game: to predict the exchange rate against another one and to make a deal with the Forex dealer.
If the prognosis comes true, the trader will earn. If not,the dealer will takethe money.
The best part is that participants don’t need specific instruments or lots of money to start trading. The only thing required is a trading platform with Internet access. There are even mobile applications that access Forex.
But it doesn’t mean that you will make millions on Forex because the risks of losing everything are sky-high. Luckily, free Forex signals with real-time updates allow minimizing these risks.
Today we’ll introduce you to the main concepts that you’ll meet when learning how to trade on Forex. After reading the article, you’ll be able to define Bid and Ask, Pip, margin trading, and other vital terms.
Are you ready to become a part of the Forex trading story and find the best free forex signal provider?

Bid and Ask

To make profits, money changers always had to indicate the difference between the purchase and sale price. And this method is still applied to every financial market.
On the Forex market, you can find Bid – the purchase price of the trader and Ask – the cost of selling the currency to a trader.
The distance between these two prices is called the spread, which makes profits of the DCs.
If you want to stay in the profit, we recommend you not only to learn the theory but to apply data of Forex signals free with real-time changes that can tell when to get the maximum profits.


pip meaning

For example, when the value of EUR rises by one pip, it means that its value has increased by €0,0001.
Sounds too boring? You will think differently when joining the paid Forex signals Telegram because pip is one of the concepts you should know.

Margin Trading

margin trading forex example

If you think that dealing centers are the Robin Hoods of our time, you got everything wrong.
They also want to make money, that is why they can block a part of your funds on the deposit when a deal is made. Such a guarantee is called margin.
When using the best free Forex signals online, traders can see the margin and other necessary indicators.
Forex signals for beginners are trusted and can give you all the info about a possible trade in the case you managed to find the best free Forex signals Telegram 2020.
If you’re already familiar with a few free Forex signals Telegram 2020 groups but find some figures too complicated, let us try and put it simply.
Financial markets are made in such a way that when conducting a transaction, you will automatically get a more significant sum than initially invested. Thus, every trader receives a loan.
The ratio between the received amount and the collateral is called leverage.
For example, if there is a 1:100 leverage, after buying 100 currency units, a trader can manage 10,000 units (100 x 100).
However, these calculations are not available when receiving Forex signals free with real-time messages, so you should know the basics in advance.
The leverage may differ from one dealing center to another. But the more considerable leverage may rather be tricky.
When agreeing on these conditions, beginners only care about more significant profits in winning transactions and forget about the fact that losses will also increase significantly. As a rule, this quickly leads to losing the whole deposit sum.
In this article, we are going to tell you more about free Forex signals and the most important parameters to consider.

Margin Call

To avoid lawsuits if the trader’s losses exceed the existing deposit, dealing centers carefully follow the trader’s activity.
Even though it sounds confusing, the process is rather simple:
- If the losses exceed the current margin, free deposit funds will be used;
- If an account balance equals a certain margin percentage, all trades will be automatically closed;
- Trading will be possible only in small volumes if there is enough money on the account or after depositing.
In other words, a margin call is a dealer’s request for the financial security of a current pledge.
If you don’t have a Ph.D. degree in finance, all the above may sound like abracadabra.
Luckily, forex signals providers took care of everything, and you can find the most accurate information without diving too deep into details.
When joining free forex signals channels, users get all the necessary info and even theoretical knowledge for future trading.
And if you do have a Ph.D. degree and trading experience, you can sell Telegram forex signals free 2020 or to trade and gain profit.
Free Forex signals are the future of trading, so don’t stand aside, turning into hodlers, who are too afraid to risk and change anything.

Currency Pair

currency pair forex

Foreign exchange assumes that the deal consists of two currencies, which make a pair.
One of the coins is called the base one and the other – quote. When joining the best free forex trading signals daily group, you will face these terms quite often.
For example, GBPUSD or GBP/USD.
On the left, GBP is indicated as the base currency – the one, which you purchase or sell.
On the right, USD is the quoted currency, which shows the value of the base currency.
If you want to get access only to the up-to-date info, we will recommend you to choose the best free trading signals. For now, the best place to get forex signals is Telegram, which is not only secure and encrypted but also has useful functionality.

Features of the Forex Market

Supply and demand are the engines of any trade. Thus, prices on Forex are formed based on the agreement of two parties. If you join the best free forex signal Telegram group 2020 or at least a reputable one, you’ll be able to trace the influence of price fluctuations on the market.
Here are the main features of the Forex market that you should pay attention to:


The biggest aim of creating the market is currency exchange. Market relations allow trading at profitable exchange rates, and thus, Forex became another place for making money.
Considering that central banks of different countries conduct currency interventions to stabilize their national currencies, why should individual traders stay aside?
Unfortunately, being an office worker with a limited deposit is more stringent than a billionaire investor. Luckily, you have the best Forex signals Telegram, which can compensate for a lack of skills and experience.

No geographical connection to a physical exchange platform

Anyone can trade with the best forex broker, and it doesn’t matter where you are from - Portland or Delhi. Forex trading groups can be carried out by using particular software, which is installed on a personal computer or portable device.
Forex signals free are also supplied without being tied to location. And even though we can’t say what the best free forex signal app is, it’s evident that reputable ones are all good for fast and limitless trading.

Diversity of traders

Here you can compete with majorities (for example, commercial and investment enterprises or central banks), trading companies, and individuals.

When Is the Best Time to Trade on Forex?

After joining a Forex signals channel, you will see that notifications may arrive, not depending on the time of the day.
And it’s not surprising: Forex market never sleeps.
To become a successful trader, you should know when to trade and when to wait. No matter what your knowledge level is: knowing when the Forex market is open is one of the first things to learn.
Luckily, the best Telegram forex signals 2020 are supplied with necessary data, so you don’t need to process vast volumes of information.
But we still encourage you to read further and familiarize yourself with the schedule of the market. First of all, you should know that Forex is open 24 hours, five days a week.
So when is the trade opened and closed? Let’s discuss four markets (hours given in the Eastern Standard Time):

New York

new york forex market

This Forex market is open from 8 AM to 5 PM and is the second-largest platform in the world. It’s not surprising because the USD is involved in more than 90% of trades.
Changes in the New York Stock Exchange immediately influence the US dollar: when companies are bought or merge, this currency may instantly lose or gain in value.
If you are not ready to follow the market losing sleep and patience, entrust it to one of the free forex trading signals channels.


Tokyo forex market

Tokyo market works from 7 PM to 4 AM and has the most significant share of all the Asian trading operations, outrunning Singapore, and Hong Kong. The most popular currency pairs are USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, and GBP/CHF. The first pair is especially important to follow when other markets are closed due to a huge impact of the Bank of Japan on the tendencies.
But if you want to sleep softly instead of pouring the fifth mug of coffee, joining the Forex signals free channel is a good option.


sydney forex market

Sydney market is the one that officially opens the trading day. It works from 5 PM to 2 AM. Being the smallest of the vast markets, it still has its share on Sunday afternoon, when traders and institutions regroup after the two-days pause.


London forex market

You probably know that the UK leads the global currency market. Thus, following its changes from 3 AM to noon is crucial for your future trades and profits. London is called the trading capital and has almost 35% of all trading operations.
This city also has a significant influence on currency changes because the Bank of England is located in London. Keep in mind that many Forex trends route from the London market.
Here’s a piece of valuable advice:
The best time to conduct any trade is when open markets overlap. This leads to higher price fluctuations and more opportunities. Here are the three daily overlaps to benefit from:
New York/ London. 8 AM to noon. Over 70% of operations are conducted when these markets overlap because EUR and USD are the two most valuable currencies. That is why this time is perfect for trading;
Sydney/Tokyo. 2 AM to 4 AM. Even though this overlap is not so volatile, it still gives traders good chances of getting profit. EUR/JPY is a great currency pair to stick to;
London/Tokyo. 3 AM to 4 AM. This short overlap may not be as dynamic as the two above-mentioned because the majority of US traders are sound asleep, but it still gives a chance to watch as pip changes take place.

Traders on the Forex Market

Getting information from the best free forex trading signals group is always a good idea.
Especially for traders who wish to save their time.<
But if you want to get more details, you won’t do it without understanding how the deals are opened.
First of all, you need to choose the trading pair – the base and the quoted one. Your goal is to predict how the exchange rate of the quoted currency will change to the base one.
If you’re sure that the rate will increase, open the purchase deal. If it drops, open the sale deal. And if you doubt, consult your Forex signals free guru.
Most of the time, USD is the base currency. For example, you’ve chosen EUR as the quoted currency. Thus, your pair is USD/EUR.
Let’s assume that you are expecting that the euro will increase in value compared to the dollar. At the moment its price is $1,215. You open a $100 purchase deal. In reality, EUR doesn’t land on your bank account and is simply reflected in the forex dealer system.
Suppose that in one day, the EUR price increases to $1,245. You think that it won’t go up anymore and close the deal fixating the profit: $ (1,245 – 1,215) x 100 = $3.
Forex dealer sends $3 to your real bank account, and your deposit increases. But if the EUR rate drops to $1,195 you will lose $(1,245 – 1,195) x 100 = $5. And this will be the dealer’s profit. And don’t forget that you’ll be additionally charged with a commission for the services.
Finding it difficult to fit everything in your head?
Then go directly to the trusted forex Telegram group 2020 and let others process the data instead of you!

Things to Consider While Trading Forex

Apart from subscribing to a free forex trading signals daily channel, you need to follow a list of a few rules that any trader should stick to.
safetrading advice about leverage

The exchange rate is not that volatile: during a single day, the difference usually equals one-hundredth of a percent. Thus, when making deals only on the deposit sum, it is almost impossible to earn big.
That is why traders use leverages. This means that a Forex dealer can give you a virtual loan: real money won’t land on the account, but the leverage will provide you with a chance to increase the order sum. And you won’t have to be limited with the funds you have on a deposit.
Information on the leverage, as well as its underwater stones, can be easily found on Forex signals free channels. Just make sure you use a reliable free forex trading signals link not to infect the device with harmful software.
safetrading advise about forex limits

Be aware that this sum can be lost at any time because losses are inevitable. However, Forex dealers won’t allow losing more than you have on the deposit and will close the order forcibly.
safetrading advise about forex stop loss

As a rule, Forex programs allow limiting the losses. Such a feature is called stop-loss and can be used if you don’t want to spend all the deposit at once. Stop-loss allows closing the order automatically once the losses reach a specific limit.

Getting Started

If you decided not to choose the easiest way of joining a free forex trading signals channel, let’s share a roadmap of your future actions:
free forex signals steps to follow

Obtained skills can then be improved on a cent account with real money and low risks. If you lose, the sum will be insignificant. And only after the steps above and gaining the important experience, you can create a real dollar account.
But even then, we recommend you to join a free forex trading signals group, monitoring the situation, and getting advice from market experts.

What Are Forex Telegram Signals?

Now, we suppose, you know a lot more about this type of online trading and looking forward to starting. We must say that Forex and cryptocurrency are the same in the meaning of signals - they are very necessary and profitable in case you work with a trusted channel.
To find such a one, you need to know what Forex signals are and how they look like.
These signals serve as a warning to the Forex market, they notify traders when they should enter or exit a trade. Trading signals are provided by experienced traders or specialized companies free of charge or for a fee through written communications like posts on Telegram.
If you are already familiar with cryptocurrency signals, then forex signals will not be difficult for you. They must contain the following components:
  • currency pair;
  • entry price;
  • target price or several of them;
  • stop-loss
  • leverage
  • the % of the risk, etc.

So, first things first - all of the above-mentioned components should be present in the signal. Besides, the trader you are working with should be trusted and experienced. You can ask to show the recent results or to ask for a trial to see the group and signals before purchasing the subscription.

How To Choose The Best Telegram Forex Signals Group?

This point is the most important. The fact is that the choice of a bad or dishonest broker can entail a number of consequences - at least, you will lose the money you paid for the subscription if it is a scammer and he will block you after payment, and at the most, you will lose your invested capital on bad signals.
There are several tips to help you understand how honest the broker you want to work with is.


Make no mistake - you must use an online Forex trading site licensed by a reputable organization. Most of the platforms usually are regulated by organizations such as FCA (UK), CySEC (Cyprus), and/or ASIC (Australia). This ultimately ensures that you can act on the Telegram Forex signals in a 100% safe and secure environment.
Actually, there are some trusted channels that work with no regulations, but these occasions are very rare.

Subscription Prices

We will always remind you that high subscription prices never guarantee quality. A number of cryptocurrency groups have representatives who charge thousands of dollars for a month's subscription, and all of them are scammers. Always check the service with high quality so as not to lose a significant part of your capital while still subscribing.

Experience & Users’ Feedback

Never trust the promises of traders. There are now many websites that review Forex traders, and you need to read the reviews to make sure the trader is safe. Also, do not forget to read user reviews - this will definitely give you the opportunity to see real experience and profit after working with this or that trader.

Final Thoughts

Forex market is a depository for traders, who are familiar with currencies and exchange rates, and for those who want to make money while waiting for their crypto assets go to the moon.
By now, you have all the necessary theoretical knowledge to start the Forex journey: you know what Ask and Pip are, are well aware of when it’s better to trade, and which things to keep in mind.
However, the theory is pointless without practice. If you want to speed up the process, we recommend you to find a reliable free forex trading signals channel and get updated information from professionals.
Forex free signals act as one of the instruments in your trading arsenal. Subscribe, read updates, and deepen your knowledge absolutely for free. If you find a good trader, you will have an opportunity to be a member of the Forex Telegram group chat.
And of course, follow our articles to dive deeper into the world of crypto and Forex trading and to find the Forex trading Telegram group link that will bring you profits.