Casper price prediction. CSPR vs USD --- LONG --- 01.11.21

1 year(s) ago
figure #1
CSPR versus US dollar
"Good volumes, consolidation with x2 potential, understandable "movement-consolidation-movement" construction"

The coin was deployed in fairly large volumes, and since then, we have been trading at this “step” or above the level around 0.08 cents (black line on the chart).

Such a construction has all the chances of getting to the next “liquidity zone” around $ 0.25, which is + 100% of the current values.

There is a minimum on the chart (marked with a red checkmark); holding the coin will not be the best decision if the price drops below it.

And there is a maximum (marked with a black tick); if the price updates it, we are more likely to get into the next liquidity zone, which was discussed earlier ($ 0.25 area).

This is a good option for a mid-term deal, and maybe even part of the position should be held longer in case of a hike to $ 1.

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