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VIP Cryptomedics Crypto Signals Group Description

Cryptomedics is a team of professional crypto traders who provide consulting services to other crypto traders, ICOs, Blockchain startups, and other members of the cryptocurrency trading market. Cryptomedics uses Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, IDEX, Huobi, and Kucoin.


Experienced investors and traders work for the Cryptomedics team. They do their best to provide their clients with the most relevant educational and consulting materials. The team members introduce their clients to the world of crypto, provide ICO reviews and research, personal portfolio consultancy, and advice on investments (short, mid, and long-term).

Cryptomedics Services

  • Fundamental analysis. They research the market in search of the best new projects similar to EOS, ICX, or VEN. Cryptomedics scan the market non-stop, so you aren’t likely to miss a promising investment while following these guys closely.

  • Technical analysis. Cryptomedics give their clients precise targets and help them save their investments for the day and swing trades. They are able to do this thanks to daily market updates provided by professional analysts.

  • Education. Cryptomedics will teach you how to foresee market trends, read the market like a book, and manage your portfolio professionally.

  • Continuous personal support. Cryptomedics provide excellent customer service by answering every question their clients may have and being available 24/7.

  • Bots. Cryptomedics have developed several bots that help their clients to find the best arbitrage opportunities. The bots notify their users every time a new coin is about to be listed.

  • Network. Cryptomedics have strong connections with top analysts and traders. Thanks to their strong network, you will get exclusive information that is much needed for successful trading.

  • Crypto Gems. These are the projects that have exceptionally high potential while having a very small market cap. Cryptomedics find the top hidden crypto gems that guarantee high returns for their clients.


Cryptomedics have a lot of testimonials from happy clients. You can check them out here: They also write their own blog.


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